NP Commercial Litigation Professional Corporation is a boutique law firm dedicated to outstanding client-centered representation in commercial and business-related litigation.

We have experience and resolve, representing clients at every level of court in Ontario and before administrative tribunals.  We have the tools, focus and strategic insight to deal with your dispute efficiently and decisively.  With our client-centric approach, we leverage our experience and skills to advocate for you, to advance your interests, to represent your cause.  Our work represents who we are:  High touch, focus, agility. 

We work with Alternative Fee Arrangements.  We offer our clients a value-based fee structure so they can focus on what truly matters, the case. 

Not only do we have the experience necessary to drive your case, but we get results.  Contact us.

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The Ontario Superior Court of Justice has enacted measures during this coronavirus Pandemic that the public should be aware of.  Below is a link to […]

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The Oppression Remedy and Reasonable Expectations

Disputes among corporate stakeholders happen.  The oppression remedy is an equitable remedy that parties often rely upon to protect their interests when corporate stakeholder disputes […]

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Directors’ Duties in Ontario

People have a business idea. They plan, organize, obtain funding, and decide to incorporate a company to pursue that business idea.  When the company is […]

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Creating Enforceable Contracts in Difficult Times

Contract Negotiations We focus our blog on everyday issues affecting our clients.  These are difficult times to say the least.  The Covid-19 pandemic is paramount […]

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Contingency Fee Arrangements for Business Litigation

At NP Commercial Litigation, we prefer alternative fee arrangements rather than hourly billing. This includes contingency fee arrangements for business related litigation[1].  So, what is […]

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Is the Payment a Deposit or Part-Payment?

Parties negotiate a contract, agree to terms, and one party (the buyer) pays an amount of money to the other (the seller).  I did not […]

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