Creating Pragmatic Outcomes for Business Disputes

Injunctions & Business Torts


Injunctions are powerful, extraordinary relief.  They either require a party to do something (Mandatory Injunction) or prohibit a party from doing something (Prohibitory Injunctions).  Pursuing these remedies involves a detailed analysis of the issues, facts and law involved in the dispute.

Business Torts.

Business Torts/Economic Torts are certain improper actions committed against a business resulting in losses, both current and projected, of business profits. 

There are different types of Business Torts:

  1. Civil Fraud
  2. Inducing Breach of Contract
  3. Civil Conspiracy
  4. Injurious Falsehood
  5. Passing-Off
  6. Conversion
  7. Breach of Confidence
  8. Interference with economic relations by the use of unlawful means